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Based in the town of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, our goal is to help tennis players of all standards improve their level of play along with their physical and mental fitness.


We aim to offer affordable hire packages and our customers include adult members and coaches at our Herts approved clubs, along with sports centres, academies and players living locally with private courts. W

For tennis players looking to lose more weight or improve their general cardio and mental fitness, visiting the gym may not always be desirable or easy to visit to fit in if you are busy with life or playing lots of social tennis. With a tennis ball machine, you can work out privately and continue to improve your overall game in the drill, tactical and technique space with a sport you enjoy. 


Tennis ball machines can work especially well for players of all standards who have regular coaching on technique improvement by allowing players to build muscle memory and consistency after what they have been taught in lessons by their coaches. Tennis ball machines can also help advanced players execute shots they are trying to deliver consistently, but don't always receive consistent feeds in their practice.


When you hire a machine, you are not signing up to an initial large expense, and the cost of our hourly hire packages will compare very reasonably to hits at tennis coaching hourly rates depending on your coach. Or, if you share the cost with a practice partner, it can become more attractive to consider. Our pricing therefore aims to help players dip in and out of machine use either by themselves, or in small groups to help manage costs.

If you are considering getting fitter physically and mentally on and off the court, feel free to get in touch for a chat to see how we can help.



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