Deposit Hire (Direct)


How can I pay?

Deposits are blocked on the hirers credit card via visa and mastercard for the period of hire. Once the machine is returned and checked with no issues found, please allow up to 10 business days for the deposit amount to be available on your credit card. Hire fees can be paid by the hirer via BACS or credit card.

What does deposit blocked mean?

Funds blocked will not be processed, so they will not leave your account but instead allocated for processing if required. This can also be reffered to as pre-authorised and is common with most rental companies.

Can I get a refund if it rains?

With deposit hire, on the morning of your hire day, you can cancel your hire up to 2 hours in advance of the hire commence period. This could be in advance of announced bad weather expected in the hire period or another valid reason.

If the machine is transferred to the borrower and issues arise such as bad weather or anything that bears no relevance to the fault of the machine or anything related, we cannot offer you a refund.

It is important to know that should a refund be requested for a valid reason, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Using Machines

Can I use the machine in the wet?

Unfortunately, no. If you have started your hire period and it rains, you must not use your machine in the wet to avoid damage.

What is a hirer responsible for?

If you are the hirer of the machine, the ownership and responsibility transfers to the hirer from when the machine is handed to the hirer until the time it is physically handed back to the lender (us). Once the hirer has the machine, the hirer is responsible damage, theft, the health and safety of those around the hirer and any damage to any property if it arises.

What tennis balls can I use?

Pressureless training balls are meant to be used with tennis ball machines. We advise customers to either supply their own especially in the pandemic.

We are able to supply these if required & they cost between £45-£70 depending on the brand for a bucket or pack for up to 72.

Do I get a charger with my machine?

Yes. If you require a charger for long periods, this can be supplied at no extra cost.

Hire Process

What is best way to hire?

The best initial approach is to call, text or W/app 07717 162581 to discuss a hire. We can discuss all your requirements on a call. Alternatively, you can email us at info@tennisballmachinehire.co.uk to arrange a consultation but responses will take much longer if we do not have a phone number to contact you on.

How old do I need to be to hire?

You need to be 18 or over in order to hire. You can use the machine if you are under 18 but you need to be supervised by the hirer at all times and they will be responsible for you.

Is it easy to collect & return?

Yes. The hirer collects & returns the machine & we will be greet you at handover.

What are the terms & conditions?

Our terms & conditions are sent to you for electronic signing and outline our contract with you when you hire. They outline responsibilities by both parties (the hirer & the lender) and are to be signed when you place your order. Our terms and conditions are sent to you to review & sign before you start your hire and are to be signed each time you hire.

Where do I collect & return the machine?

If you are collecting & returning machines, please find below our address which is our handover point.

All visits are by appt.


2 Ashleigh Court

Solomons Hill




Tel: 07717 162581

Can I hire with another person?

There can only be one hirer & that person pays for the hire session and signs & terms & conditions of hire. You can share the use of the machine with a practice partner, but the hirer is fully liable for problems if they arise. Anyone using the machine under the age of 18 needs full supervision by the hirer & required to be present at all times.

Can I hire for longer periods?

Yes, we can work out reduced rates for a week plus if required.

Health & Safety

What about Covid-19?

Health and Safety come first. Please see our Covid-19 Policy here.

What if the machine presents a fault?

If the machine presents a fault, please refrain from using the machine & call us immediately.

Are machines maintained?

Yes, machines are checked after each hire, cleaned & charged.

What should I never do?

  1. Please ensure that nobody is standing in front of the machine when it is being loaded & it is off when being loaded.
  2. Please keep food & drink away from the machine.
  3. Please do not use pressuried balls in the machine as they can damage the machine.

What are the hirers responsibilities?

As a hirer, you are responsible for the heath & safety of the those around while the machine is in your care. Please ensure that you act responsibly and with a duty of care at all times with the machine to avoid injury and damage. The hirer is responsible for all damages, injury and the health & safety of those around while the machine during the hiring period.

Home Delivery & Collection

How does it work?

Ideal for private court owners, this service applies on hire up to 6 hours.

If you live in our 27 listed areas here, our delivery & collection service offers the following at a discounted cost of £10 per hire for partner club members and operates in accordance with our schedule.

Your machine can be delivered to you & collected from you at your home address.

Please note that we reserve the right to request valid ID including photo, home address ID and valid club membership in advance and upon arrival for the above.

Does the hirer need to be present?

Yes. When we deliver your machine to your home address, we ask for hirers to present photo ID that you have verified with via Yoti at in the property.

Can I have my machine delivered elsewhere?

Unfortunately No. Machines are delivered to the hirers home address that was verified at the start of the process.


What happens with my data when I verify?

In order to hire, we may ask you to verify your identity & address, Once your ID is submitted and reviewed on Yoti, this data is flagged to be deleted immediately once we review the Yoti outcome. None of your data is kept on our network & your data is not shared with any third parties after from the Yoti verfication platfirm that you are pointed towards.