Frequently asked questions

What clubs are hire approved?

Approved Clubs include:

  • Cassiobury Tennis Club.
  • Chipperfield Tennis Club.
  • Chorleywood Lawn Tennis Club.
  • David Lloyd, Northwood.
  • Rickmansworth Lawn Tennis Club.
  • Sarratt Tennis Club
  • West Herts Lawn Tennis Club.
Machines are delivered and collected for hire over 24 hours

How old do I have to be to use the machines?

To use a machine you need to be over 18. If you are under 18, you will need to be supervised by an adult. The adult will be responsible and liable for the hire of the machine.

Do machines come with documentation?

Yes. Machines are supplied with instructions and other listed accessories for your session. We offer a free 15 minute setup consultation for all new customers to help get your started.

How do I pay?

Payments are taken on the first hire day in advance and can be electronic (online) or cash.

What balls are supplied?

We do not supply balls to prevent the spread of Covid-19 so customers willl need to supply their own balls.

What else is required before hiring?

To protect us from accidental damage and theft we ask for an electronic agreement to be signed. We also ask for a full deposit pf the machines value (refundable) or valid passport to be handed over for the duration of the hire.

Do we offer collection and delivery?

Yes, this is free to our listed areas below.

  • Rickmansworth
  • Sarratt
  • Bovingdon
  • Chipperfield
  • Flaunden
  • Chorleywood
  • Chandlers Cross

Can I supply my own balls?

Yes, training balls (pressureless balls) are required.

Can I use the machine on public courts?

Unfortunatley, no. Machine hire is limited for use at our hire approved clubs or on customer private courts only.

Can I use wet balls?

Ball machines are not designed to be used in wet or damp conditions, so if you hire, please only use the machine in dry conditions to avoid damage.

How long will a machine last?

The Lobster Elite 2 can play up to 4 plus hours depending on how you set it up. The Cube normally delivers up to 2 hours of play.

Is there any advantage of using it for 24 hours?

Yes, in this period of time you will have machine power after recharges (3-6 hours) for a minimum of 2 x 3 hour workouts on either machine. You just need to have the court time available but you get twice as much work our time at this price.

Is buying a machine a good step?

At some point, players consider the possibility of buying a machine. Buying a machine is worth exploring, but a common story that prevails is that a majority of people who buy machines use them for short periods of time and then put them away in the cupboard for a number of reasons. Some reasons include seasonal weather changes as machines are not designed to work in the wet or with wet balls. Other reasons include moving machines around can cause problems plus the cost cycle of pressureless balls. So, buying a machine suitable for your development is something to consider especially if you can find a bargain, but just be mindful of warranties if things go south.


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